Full Testimonial

Iarid Hernández

Born in Veracruz, México. Graduated with honors from the School of Architecture of the ITESM (Tec de Monterrey – Querétaro). Received a PARA Scholarship (High Academic Achievement Program) 2014 – 2019. She was an editor and member of the direction committee of the magazine C4torce, a semester program for the School of Architecture at ITESM 2015 – 2017. Experience in Art History, guide and coordinator of workshops at the Art Museum of Querétaro 2018.

“I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in the Adpprentice program, it was a great training experience. The goal of the program was to better prepare me for my professional career; I trust I achieved that thanks to the Host Studio. I am very proud to have worked with them and with collaborating companies and associations. Meeting with high-level professionals in their areas, and seeing their commitment to overcome new challenges and innovate results, raised my performance bar. Leap Architects taught me about the correct organization and processes needed to exhibit a project on a world-class platform. From the first phase to the last one, the architects at Leap valued my voice and opinion, they were my guides and always had an active interest in my learning. The complexity of the project we carry out, pushed us to dive on many topics of social interest for sustainable development. It gave me motivation to step in and be more active regarding the problems of my country and our society; everything I heard while studying in University about how my discipline helps society, made sense and felt more real with this project. What I appreciate the most is that I got to see the same excitement that I used to have back in school with my projects. I saw that, reflected in the professional field with my Hosts, which confirmed me that our vocation can be lived with passion and will be the engine to search, discover and imagine better scenarios and answers for the world”.

July 2020

Spring 2020

First Day (Copy)
Giulia, Iarid, 1stDay, Heriberto